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Ethiopia:After the 2-key negotiators abduction ,Rallying-cry to drum up ONLF

Political Leaders from Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) held a conference in
Copenhagen, Denmark, yesterday afternoon, February 1st,2014,this comes just a week
after two-key ONLF senior negotiators abducted in Kenya by the Ethiopian Security
Starting from 3:00 am and ending at 8:00pm,This conference which over one hundred
people from all walks of life attended began with recitation of the Qur’an,
specially selected verses from holy book that touched upon the conference’s agenda
and created the right psychological environment.
This conference which its participants from representatives from Ogadenian Community
, Somali Community,Oromia Community ,Eritrean Community and Officials from Danish
was issued a rallying-cry by the ONLF leaders.
“As long as we are working towards full-Independence many of our senior leaders will
either die for it or fallen into the hands of the Ethiopian imperialists,but we will
gain enthusiasm and many more supporters that will join in the struggle in
return”,said the ONLF Leader,Admiral Mohammed Omar Osman.
He added the Independent tree grows with the blood of the freedom fighter and it is
worth to sacrifice it.The Group’s chairman spoke at length about the recently
military gains of Ogaden National Liberation Army,the Group’s army wing and said
that they are rebels on cause as history proved that oppressors and colonialists
fade away at last and owners of the land will last and will own it forever. The
participants watched a film that shook their faith and changed the mood of the
environment which showed human rights abuses that proved beyond doubt including
rape,killing,wide-spread detentions,and torture and another other forms of human
rights violations.The material is currently contributed to many International
film-makers that will translate into many international languages.Abdullahi
Hussein,who smuggled out the material told the participants that the film is being
sold to film-maker company and will be watched around the globe.Participators from
Somalia,Oromia,Eritrea and Denmark spoke at the conference and expressed their
support for the ONLF-struggle to gain full-Independence of Ogaden Region.
Somali diaspora from Ogaden Region reacted angrily and condemned the Ethiopian
agents’ abduction of the senior ONLF-negotiators.Analysts say that this move may
affect diplomatic negotiations between ONLF and Ethiopia brokered by Kenyan
Government on 2012.ONLF is a separatist rebel group fighting to make the Somali
region of illegal Ethiopian Occupied-Ogaden in eastern Ethiopia an independent
state. ONLF, established in 1984, demands for the autonomy of this region which is a
home to about 8-10 million Somali Muslims.

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