Ethiopia: ONLF officials wary of the new tensions between brotherly nations of Afar and Ogaden region.

Ogaden National Liberation Front’s Official, Rayal Hamoud, urged the two brotherly nations of Afar and Somalis from Ogaden region to take more precautions on the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s old tactics of turning one nation against another.
“I am speaking on behalf of the ONLF in support ofcoexistence and integration of the two brotherly Muslims of Afar and Somalis along the sides of the railroad.

As the TPLF / EPRDF is under increasing pressure from ONLF, OLF, SLM, BPLM, ARDUF and GMD and many other oppressed nations -The Tigray ruling Junta will try to use all its power to turn Benishangul against Oromos,Somalis against Afars, Gambellas against Sidamas,and so on in part of creating chaos among the oppressed nations under Ethiopian occupation,”Mr. Rayaale Hamoud a member of the ONLF Central Committee and a former head of Regional vice-president and founder of Issa and Gurgura Liberation Front (IGLF) in 1990s said in an interview with Radio Freedom (Xoriyo).

Mr. Hamoud stressed that due to the ongoing protests in and outside of the country the Tigray minority group felt the reality on the ground and the dictator government has tightened its grip on the disputes areas ahead of the next year’s elections in bid to divert the eyes of the World Community from our rights of self-determination.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front criticized Djibouti-Ethiopia railway in her issued press release dated in May 1,2014 that the Ethiopian government has commissioned China to build a railway track between Addis Ababa and Djibouti, which is passing through the Somali territory under Ethiopia rule. The new railway line is being constructed in a way that is obstructing the free movement of the nomadic people living in the area and their livestock.

“The railway line is being built on a very high rise track that is making impossible for livestock to cross over with no crossing point provided. The railway, which divides the area almost in half has already cut off the traditional routes within the territory,” reads the press release.

“Initially, when the Addis- Djibouti Railway was commissioned in 1896, both France and Ethiopia reached an agreement with the Somali people which guaranteed their well being and way of life. However, since then the rights of the Somali people are no longer respected and they have no say in what is happening in their own territory,” further added the press Release.

Over the last five years the nations under Ethiopia rule have been starting to demand their constitutional rights to secede from Ethiopia; Ethiopian regime wants to prevent these nations to pursue their goals of self determination by inciting violence, which caters its hidden agenda of imposing grossly unfair referendum over the disputed territories or deploying so-called Ethiopia’s Police state in the pretext of disputed lands.

“I am convinced that we shall do our utmost to take any measurable steps that are necessary to repel the aggression of TPLF and any attempt of dislocating our people from their ancestral land,” Hamoud said.

Hamoud called on the sultan of Afar and the Ugaas of ISSA-Somali to positively interfere the issue to deescalate the tension over the disputed territories of Gadmaytu, Undafoo, Garmado and Adaytu.

He added that Ethiopia has well placed in the Afar and Somali communities thousands of quislings that implement the work of TPLF and if it is not taken precautions the two nations of Afar and Somalis will go eventually an unnecessary fight. We can’t stand by and wait the plot of the Tigray to be true. “We must act urgently.”

Afar and Somalis have share many things in common and Somalis have a great duty towards the Afars, who also claim-rightly-to have made part of the armies of great Emperor Ahmed Ibn-Ibraahim (Ahmed Gurey).