Ethiopia is playing neutral role in Somalia internal politics, says Amb Asammen Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia Wandimu Asammen has told Radio Dalsan that his country is playing a neutral role when it comes in dealing with Somalia’s internal political issues.


In a special interview with Radio Dalsan in Mogadishu, Amb Asammen said Ethiopian army part of African Union Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] helped Somalia army to liberate several main towns from al Shabab, including Elbur town in Galgadud region which fallen for the joint forces on Wednesday.


“Peace in Somalia is more important for Ethiopia, as well Ethiopia’s peace is important for Somalia.” he said in the interview.


He said the Ethiopian Defense Forces were not only engaging in the fight against against al Shabab militia, but also they were doing technical assistance for the local communities in repairing the water poles in the liberated districts, which he said were destroyed by the militants.


Asked on the specific issues that forced Ethiopia to join AMISOM, while Addis Ababa previously downplayed several calls from the AU, he said “We came Somalia and joined AMISOM to back the Federal Government of Somalia.”.


Many Somalis are suspecting on the role of Ethiopia by setting up a buffer zone regions and establishing puppet local states for individual allies, Ambassador Asammen denied by saying that Ethiopia has to respect the sovereignty and the nationhood of Somalia.


“It is the Federal Government of Somalia which has the responsibility to appoint the local administrations for the newly liberated regions.” he added