Ethiopia: Dwellers in Jijiga Summon for Fiction Moan

Jijiga,June 23, 2014 – The Somali regional authority collected groups of
elders and women who were brought from remote districts in the Ogaden
and ordered them to watch a spectacle in Jijiga, insulting the Ogaden
National Liberation Front [ONLF]. This disturbing drama was prepared by
the wicked administration led by Abdi Iley.

He is attempting to twist the attention of the fraud investigators from
the federal government. He is eager to hide his fraudulant
administration, full of mismanagement, corruption and scandals of the
misuse of public funds by forcing his own people to cry.

The people in the town are forcing to attend in this fake crying
congressional and are bullied to wear symbols, slogans and flags
arranged by the administration.

The police forces are ordering people to close their business and stop any work

and obliged to watch this useless drama.

The drama started last week at a compound tent inside the administration camp

in Jijiga and is expected to finish this Friday.

The entire communities in Jijiga were ordered to come to this tent every
morning as early as possible, because the Liyuu police could be able to
start searching people at entrance before the president arrived on the
Tent and could punish anyone who came late in the meeting.

Eyewitness said, “I have seen groups of elders coming from various directions,
many rushing to the meeting tent without having their breakfasts” and
stay for prolonged periods. People watch and listen to these fabricated
stories for a considerable duration without eating and drinking, and are
order to cry – many people fainted during crying hours.

I could not believe how someone could weep without seeing or feeling pain
or without hypnotised by professionals. I myself have been in tears,
when I have seen in thousands of people moaning in public, including
even the person behind this propaganda falsity.

President Abdi Iley the fabricator of the untrue stories enjoys seeing people
scream with humiliation, oppressive, scare and suffering hunger on his
cause. During the intervals, he praises the collapsed and wailed,
persons by saying that they are crying for the truth and bad things ONLF
did our people.

According to a source close to the Karamadha Hospital, many people have been
admited to Hospital, particularly the elderly and women stayed long
hours without eating, and they are suffering abdomen problems.

The victims present at this horrific drama are prisoners and young children
as young as of five years old. Children cried with fear, standing in
front of the crows. The children shouted that our father is President
Abdi, and ONLF killed our parents. Prisoners stand in line at front of
the people with humiliation and say we did everything bad, and we thank
president Abdi, because he spared us our lives. He has the right to kill
us because of our crimes.

Elders and women are forcing to speak up about ONLF and read out fabricated
statements blaming the ONLF of all the crime committed by Ethiopia and
President Abdi when he was head of the regional security.

These ugly acts show disrespect for human beings, for humiliating prisoners
is criminal act against the international law. Ethiopia should be
careful about allowing its puppet administration to practice these cruel