Ethiopia denies entry visa for Somaliland president over links to Radicalist. The diplomatic ties of Somaliland Administration to the other countries in the region has been in tension and deteriorating, as the administration is being linked to Islamist group and Several terror incidents in the region an exclusive source of Puntlandsun has learnt.


The Ethiopian government has denied an entry visa for the president of Somaliland administration of Somalia Ahmed Mohamud Mohamed alias “Siilaanyo”, who was scheduled to travel to London through Addis-Ababa


Medical Trip to London


The Somaliland administration president Ahmed Siilanyo was heading his way to London for a  medical trip, as he was expecting to be transit a couple of days in Addis-Ababa Ethiopia,, willing to have meeting with the Ethiopian officials, but he was denied the visa to enter the country.


Ahmed Siilaanyo was expected to flew to Addis-Ababa on Wednesday with a high level officials from his government but he and his companions were rejected the entry for radicalism relations which soured the ties.


Links to al-Shabaab Radicals


This comes after Ethiopian government has closed its border to the Somaliland administration and also halted the diplomatic function of Ethiopian consular in Hargaisa, which completely stopped issuing visas to Somali nationals going to enter Ethiopia.


The Somaliland government officials has been linked to the radical Islamist group of al-Shabaab, by way of collaborating the organizations which is linked to AL-Qaeda. Somaliland has been accused of supporting the radicals, the administration processes some logistics to the group throughout the country as well the region. While some officials in the presidential palace of Hargaisa are believed to have a close relations to al-Shabaab high rank leaders, such as Ahmed Abdi Godane.


Ethiopia has explained its concern about the connection of radicals and asked the Somaliland government to act about these officials linked al-Shabaab, but Somaliland has ignored the call. Thus the Ethiopian government has ordered the closure of its border and consular, other diplomatic ties with Somaliland also was put on hold.


On mid-June Puntland vice president Abdihakim Abdullahi Omar accused Somaliland administration that they support the radical groups al-Shabab of Puntland those fight in Galgala against his government, the vice president insisted that they have enough evidence for the support of Somaliland to the Galgala Radical Militia, as he was requested the International Community and Regional Organization to look the Somaliland’s cooperation with al-Shabaab.


Somaliland’s main cooperation of al-Shabaab is Burco district of Togdheer region,  where it is been believed that the terror group has a an operational base, a classified source told Puntlandsun that Beer (a small village 12km out of eastern Burco) is the hub for al-Shabaab operations. Also the source confirms that there are financial support and military equipment facilities offered to Alshabaab by Somaliland administration.


Suspected terror arrested


Puntlandsun has identified that a several Somali nationals from the Somaliland border has been detained inside Ethiopia for the suspicion that they were planning terror attacks against Ethiopian regime. Ethiopia has been an active organ for the Somalia’s political affairs, as it has invaded the country a number of times, Ethiopia has joined the AMISOM troops in Somalia in February to fight against al-Shabaab


Likewise the Djibouti government has completely cut off ties for the Somaliland government after a severe explosion was targeted to Djiboutian restaurant that occupied by western nationals, claiming the life of several person, “We have evidence that bombers are from the Somaliland border, the Djibouti terror attack was organized in Hargaisa Somaliland as the perpetrators entered through the border of Somaliland to Djibouti”, the security officials of Djibouti told the press.


It is unclear whether Somaliland will make some reforms on its domestic politics and accused relations of al-Qaeda linked terror group (Alshabaab), by exchange of it is regional relationship to the neighboring countries, and the security of the regions.