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Ethiopia: Cholera outbreak claim 55 political inmate in Ogaden jail

By Ahmed Abdi

About 55 inmates have been feared dead from the outbreak of
cholera in the notorious prison locally known as “Jail Ogaden” in the
regional capital of Jigjiga , several others are in a severe condition following
the outbreak of the disease, This also followed a report that in the last week,
about 45 inmates have dead in the cells after the guards forced them to drink
from contaminated water Jerry cans.

A visit to “Jail
Ogaden” in the regional capital of Jigjiga, revealed that about 55 people
dead over the week-end after stooling and vomiting consistently.

“I saw them (inmates) corpses about 55 lying among the
prisoners while others vomiting and stooling continuously without hospitality
” ,said a relative visitor ,who declined to be named for fear of reprisal
and admitted her to enter after she paid large sum of money

The notorious prison in the
regional capital of Jigjiga has the capacity of 400 inmates however, currently
it holds several thousand inmates which is more than it should.

This is not the first time that
cholera outbreak happens in the notorious jail Ogaden in the Regional Capital
of Jigjiga but it is believed to be the first time a man-made cholera disease

The Puppet Administration of
Ogaden did not carry out an awareness campaign to the jails and environs on how
best to sanitize environment in order to stop the spread of the disease in and
around the “Jail Ogaden” .

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