Ethiopia: A 60-Year-Old Somali Man Faces Harsh Treatment In Fiq Town Somali man that went missing for a week has seen in an army base of Fiq town . The Qorahay media reports 60-year-old Hassan Ahmed has been missing since last week . “He was in his home in Fiq town when he disappeared” , one of the old man’s relative told , Qorahay Media .According to Qorahay Media , Mr . Ahm faced harsh treatment for the hands of the Ethiopian .
Citing from an eyewitness , the report says , Mr . Ahmed is in dire straits and needs medical assistance,since both his two legs was broken . 
It is not cleared yet,why the old man was detained and severely beaten but Ethiopian Security Army and its allied militia of Liyu police treat inhumanely any person that’s suspected of being an 
ONLF-sympathizer . 
Fiq (Somali Fiiq) is one of the nine provinces of Ogaden region ,and it’s one of the major towns of 
Ogaden Region . 
It is borderedon the south by Gode , on the Southwest by Afder province , on the west and northwest 
by the Oromia state , on the north by the regional Capital ofJigjiga , on the east by Degehabur,and on 
the southeast by Korahe Province .