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Over 200 sex videos with Guyanese women uploaded on porn site

In at least two particular videos perused by this publication, three adult-age men appeared to be taking turns in the sexual assault of a schoolgirl, while another video showed two men engaging in the act with another school-age girl at a separate location.

But in both cases, while the victim seems to be distressed, they appeared to be willing and subjective to the abuse.

While in a few of the videos the women appeared to be unaware that they are being filmed, most of the others seem to know that they are being recorded, with only a handful of them trying to hide their face or repeatedly objecting to the filming of the sexual encounter.

In the audio that is associated with those videos, the women could be heard either urging the man not to film them; asking for their reassurance that the video would go no further than their phone; or is simply calling the man by name while urging him to stop filming.

From the appearance of it all, it seems that the women would not have consented to the videos being posted online for public viewing in any case.

It is widely believed that most of the videos and photographs were either posted by men out of egoistic reasons, or others who may want to embarrass the women; get back at them, or probably to cause other harm to their personal life.

In an email reply received from Xhamster, the site acknowledged that they do not necessarily peruse all of the content that is posted by users online, and will not ordinarily act to remove a post unless it genuinely appears to be an instance of rape, child abuse or human trafficking, among other things.

Alternatively, a person who appeared in a video without consent can request its removal or for it to be censored; – an act that is rarely enforced, except via a court order or a request by a State agency.

Generally, a court order or a request from Interpol through the local police can often result in the revelation of the IP address, device information and other particulars, including the possible identity of the person that had posted any of the porn videos.

It remains unclear as to whether any organization or local entity would investigate the presence of the videos and try to identify the victims in a bid to have the videos pulled and the poster or posters prosecuted.

Guyana has one of the most relaxed sets of laws when it comes to posting pornographic content of other people online.

Perpetrators are never jailed, but are simply fined, while the videos still remain online since the court neither issue any order for its removal or penalize entities that continue to host it online.(Credits: This article was first written by Dennis Adonis and first appeared in the guyanaguardian,