Ethiobia :Tales of Horror By Defected Ethiopian Major and a Captain– By Ahmed AbdiAn Ethiopian paramilitary major,Shi’alaqe Faysal La’ag Adan Hirad and Captain Ahmed-Nour Abdikadir Abdisamed Abdi whom were the commanders of the 16th-regiment told the Ogadentoday that they killed any one that encountered them regardless men,women and Children. The Commanders say that they committed wide-spread atrocities against the innocent civilians in the Occupied-Ogaden region during their counterinsurgency operations. “Although the Regional President Abdi Mohamoud Omar ordered us the killing of the civilians to make them fear from us by intimidating, we are happy that we killed three Tigray officials that intentional killed a man when their car crushed by a hungry militiaman that waved them to stop”,said Major Adan Hared. These Ethiopian defectors are very young and no-one reached the age of 20,they say most of the Liyu Police militias are under 20 while many of them are under the age of fifteen. ” What I will never forget is the women that my men killed with their bayonets And whenever I am alone the images of the demised women come in my mind”,said 17-year-old Captain Abdisamad AbdiThe Captain added that he survived from many army loses and once lied under corpses displaying as a dead while ONLF fighters were dancing and chanting around him for a victory.The defectors say that they piled up the bodies of the demised to record and take images that could please their Tigray Masters.And that they would be very happy if any-one assists them financially to return to Jigjiga to find the materials that they put in a safe place.The Major says that only three reasons are behind joining the Liyu Police,one is to revenge against a rival clan,the send is to be paid and the third is that they made them to believe that they are defend Ogaden territory from Ogaden National Liberation front.If you don’t kill any one that suspected of being an ONLF-Sympathizer,you are dead. I myself was ordered to kill one of my relatives then I decided to kill the soldier that wanted me to kill my relative and I was detained a short time, said Captain AbdisamadThis is not the first time that the Liyu police defectors spoke out their experience.Rights Groups believes that the Ethiopian security forces committed war crimes and crimes against Humanity in Ogaden region.