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Eid Moon 2018 Sighted in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa & Other African Nations

Eid al-Fitr 2018 to be Celebrated Tomorrow Across Africa

The crescent moon has been sighted across the African continent. The Hilal Committees of Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa and other African nations have confirmed the sighting of Eid moon. Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow, June 15.

South Africa to Witness Eid al-Fitr Moon Shortly
14 Jun, 20:36
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South Africa is expected to sight the Eid al-Fitr moon shortly. The skies are clear, claim experts, further citing the International Astronomical Centre (IAC) report from earlier in the week which predicted the new moon to be sighted on June 14.

Eid Likely to be Celebrated Tomorrow in Most Parts of Africa

Eid al-Fitr is likely to be celebrated in most parts of Africa tomorrow. Meanwhile,

Updates on Eid moon sighting in Africa to be Issued Post Namaz-e-Maghrib

The Hilal Committees in African nations in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa & Other African Nations will issue a statement on Eid moon sighting post namaz-e-maghrib. Stay tuned here for the updates on crescent sighting.

Durban/Mogadishu/Nairobi, June 14: Muslims, who form the second-largest religious bloc in central and southern Africa, will attempt the sighting of moon this evening. An official announcement on Eid moon sighting will be made by the designated religious authorities and top imams in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, Ghana, Djibouti, Uganda, Niger, South Sudan and other African nations after Maghrib prayers. Stay tuned here for the live news and updates on Eid moon sighting from Africa.

If the Hilal crescent is spotted today, Eid will be celebrated in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa and other African nations tomorrow. However, regional and sect-wise disparities could not be ruled out as moon sighted in any of the above nations does not imply that the entire region will celebrate the festival tomorrow. At places where there will be no testament of eyewitnesses spotting the crescent, Eid-al-Fitr will be celebrated on Saturday

The central, southern and Maghreb (North) African region will also await the announcement to be made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For live updates on Eid moon sighting announcement by the Saudi Grand Mosque, read here. As seen on most occasions over the past decades, the sighting of crescent in KSA and Middle East region leads to the spotting of Hilal moon in other parts of Africa as well. However, the Imam council in all these nations decide independently on the matter, irrespective of whichever date the KSA chooses to celebrate the festival. Stay tuned for the updates. LatestLY wishes all our African readers ‘Eid Mubarak’. source

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