Editorial: President Hassan and PM Abdiwali Should Compromise,think of the Nation

Mareeg.com- Political stagnation, opposing motions, mediation which is edgy and difference of opinions are still frenzying between the president and the PM for the third week.

Even though the disagreement emerged clearly on October 25th after the premier reshuffled his cabinet, the rift between the two principals of the federal government can be realised that it was existing way before the time. The two principals used to cover it up for political dynamics. Political analysts believe that since when the president nominated the PM on December 12th 2013, the two leaders had differences on several occasions but resolved them covertly despite the fact that no one knows whether one compromised.

Their differences and dissatisfaction combined caused a push back despite the fact that the president concealed them from the glare of the media. However, the reshuffle by the PM and the Garowe Agreement between the PM and the semi-autonomous government of Puntland and the meeting which the premier attended in Nairobi triggered the uncovering of the existence of the disagreement by the president causing them to exchange contrasting decrees.

The sluggishness is still on as the reshuffle negatively impacted the functions of the offices of the government. That apathy also stepped up the disagreement of which the international community is jittery. Analysts have it that the only solution for the disagreement between the president and the PM is to apply the law despite the fact that there is no effective constitutional court in the country which can act as a referral for the recurrent disagreements between the president and the premier-having in mind that the former presidents of Somalia and their PMs had similar problems.

It is for sure that there are ongoing local and international efforts to end the disagreement but the diplomats indicate that there are no compromise and understanding between them. The efforts of the speaker of the parliament and his deputies towards the solving of the problem are being hampered by the parliamentarians who became part of the disagreement who often meet in a way that resembles political parade and show off of a muscle.

The meetings consume funds for political motivation and they can further sabotage the efforts towards bringing together the two principals. However, it is very appropriate for the two leaders to compromise for each other and think of the nation instead of resembling individuals who stick to their points.