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Editorail:Are they War criminals or Parliamentatrians

Mogadisho,somalia:Maxamed Siciid Xirsi Moorgan also known as the butcher of Hargeisa led the shelling and bombing of innocent civilians in response to the city being taken over by the SNM. The shelling and subsequent battles that took place in the North of Somalia led to the deaths of an estimated 50 to 60,000 people. His subsequent military campaign in Southern Somalia in 1992 was one of the main causes of the famine in Somalia when hundreds of thousands of fellow Somalias perished. This kind of atrocities and genocide amounts no less than to a war crime. Despite all of these he was nominated to the Upper House of the coming Somali Parliament representing Puntland.
Abdi Hasan Awale Qeybdiid, a former warlord of the Somalia’s civil war who was also known at times as “Mad Abdi” was unbelievably also nominated to the Upper House of the coming Somali Parliament representing Gulmudug. Among other atrocities he was accused of genocide and war crimes committed in the years of the active civil conflict. He was part and at times leading the clan militias and Islamist extremists that ripped the country apart. These allegations relates to events that took place during the many tribal battles fought in Southern Somalia particularly in Mogadishu and to the alleged execution of captured child soldiers in the Somali town of Kismayo in 1991. The basis of the latter charge was a videotape, which supposedly depicted Qeybdiid interrogating a group of young children and subsequently ordering his soldiers to open fire on them in 2005. Qeybdiid was arrested in Lund Sweden after Somalis living in Sweden recognised him and reported him to the police. He was arrested on suspicion of genocide but was later released. Too many Somali’s, both of these guys are remembered as merciless warlords and war criminals. Both of them are continually adding fuel to the fire of conflict now raging in Galkayo where many innocent civilians are being killed and displaced– for them it is just business as usual. These two to be appointed to the Upper House of the coming Somali Parliament is like adding insult to the injury – SHAME!!!. Please see the letter of concern by the UN regarding warlord Qeybdiid becoming a member of the Upper House of the Somali Parliament. Is it not also high time for any decent Somali to stand up for this and join the UN concerns on the matter – silence in itself is a crime. We were all expecting that 2016 would be a year of hope and see our country taking the first steps into the path of stability and peace. But 2016 is now upon us, and that dream is gone and shattered, meaning we are going to have to wait longer. Appointing warlords, criminals and crooks who have put us in this mess in the first place as members of the legislature is preposterous. See the UN letter of concern please and share also your concerns.
Burfuule Gaabow ;

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