Eastleigh Bussiness Community resigns.

Eastleigh is home to thousands of Somali refugees that own bussiness in the area.Eastleigh Bussiness Community resigns.


The members of Eastleigh business community that represents the interest of Somali business community in predominately Somali neighborhood in Eastern Nairobi has resigned today.

An exclusive report that Radio Dalsan has received from a reliable source in Eastleigh, Nairobi indicates that the main cause of the overwhelming resignation is attributed to what the community describes as deaf ears by the government of Kenya towards the constant security operation that has slowed down business and kept away investors in the area.

 The government of Kenya has insisted the security operation in Eastleigh as of its national interest and denied claims that its security forces arrest and extort money from Somali refugees in the area.

 It is not clear what impact the resignation will have on the Business in Eastleigh dalsanradio.com