Djibouti: The Indispensable Entity at the junction between the rifts of the Gulf of Aden, the red sea and
east Africa, the Republic Of Djibouti diligently worked too hard to finally become
the crucial core for trade and financial services in that important region.ahmed_nur_shiine

Since birth, The Republic of Djibouti was so eager to enhance its weak economy,
but it was actually impractical to recklessly activate the untested adjustment policies,
that could possibly puncture the slow moving tires of the tottering state.

Gradually overcoming the malicious and multidimensional problems of the post colonial
period, the Republic of Djibouti was patiently persisting to achieve its desired goals of
national development. Finally, under the leadership of President Ismail Omar Guelleh,
Djibouti tactfully went through a well-designed imperative reform program, that
remarkably increased the country’s involvement in world trade. That suddenly
accelerated the social, political and economical developments, and remarkably reduced
the poverty level of that country, which seemed unsolvable to many political leaders.

Unbelievably, the government of Djibouti removed the enduring obstacles, and suddenly
increased the access and availability of adequate electricity and water supplies, which
were the two major factors that predominantly prevented the national economic growth
for so many years. Expansion of the seaport, creation of fiscal public administration frameworks, labor market flexibility, pleasing trade policies, considerable tax breaks
and the sustainability of stable currency, complemented the strategic geographic location of the Republic of Djibouti, and made the small east African state, a very attractive economic base to various foreign investors.
Since then, Djibouti was the distribution center point and the vital gateway to Africa.

Today, the world’s leading countries are mostly present in Djibouti, and the white house
bilateral meeting between the two presidents of Barack Obama and Ismail Omar Guelleh,
exposed the escalating importance of that east African country.

Though Djibouti shares many common characteristics with its neighboring countries,
the practical experience and the political maturity of President Guelleh, saved his country
from a serious disturbing waves of political instabilities, security desertions, risks of
ethnic based violence and the devastation of armed conflicts that visibly flattened many
other places in that region. Hence, Djibouti is practically gaining from the advantages of
the country’s peaceful environment, rare of its kind in the entire African continent.

The Republic of Djibouti is an active member of a number of international organizations,
and the country plays an important role in preventing conflict, promoting regional
stability and countering extremism.

Immediately after the collapse of the central government of Somalia,
the Republic of Djibouti was the first country that organized and hosted the initial
reconciliation conference between the rival factions inside Somalia, in early 1991.
After another decade of tedious discussion forums, the Republic of Djibouti again
succeeded to reduce the clan based hostile tensions and hosted the second highly
participated reconciliation conference that was held in 2000, in the town of Arta.
The transitional Federal Government, formed in that historic conflict resolution
conference, became the ancestor of a series of transitional governments and the
currently operating, the internationally acknowledged, Federal Government of Somalia.
If not intentional, the world is incorrectly ignoring the essential leadership role of
Djibouti, and its massive importance in the route of rebuilding Somalia.

Unlike other countries in the region that Somalis are always suspicious about their actual
objectives, Djibouti is the only place where all Somalis can trust and openly discuss about their differences. In addition to its non-partial and plain policies toward Somalia,
its deep understanding of the context, and the country’s extensive knowledge in
traditional conflict resolution approaches, are among the inborn assets, that made
the Republic of Djibouti a very Indispensable Entity in the stabilization and
peace building process inside Somalia, that was lately stained and seems so spoiled.

Ahmed A/Kadir Nur (Shiine)
A Somalia-Canadian
writer and Researcher