Djibouti sees brighter future in Futsal after FIFA Course

The end of FIFA MA Futsal coaching course for Djiboutian coaches, has
opened a new window of brighter future in the game for the growing
football nation, whose FA president, Souleiman Hassan Waberi, has realized
his dreams of spreading Futsal knowledge throughout the country.

The course which was held under the auspice of FIFA and ran from 16-20 May
was attended by 27 senior Futsal coaches from top level clubs and regions
across the country.

FIFA instructor, Hucham Djuig Maroc, who conducted the course, told the
closing ceremony that the level of organization for the event was
praiseworthy, commending the participants for commitment and dedication.

“To my experience for the past several days, I am happy that Djiboutian
Futsal players are very talented and good in techniques—they have a good
future in the game” the FIFA instructor told the closing ceremony on

He praised the Djiboutian FA for its commitment to develop the game
throughout the country. “I am pleased that Futsal is growing in Djibouti”
Mr. Hucham Djuig Maroc, explained.

He said FIFA was ready to help Djibouti to promote the game. “Djibouti has
a young Football president who made a lot of changes” he mentioned.
On his part, Djiboutian FA president, Souleiman Hassan Waberi expressed
his gratitude to FIFA and its president, Joseph S Blatter for their
readiness to promote football in his country and in entire the world as

“With the assistance from FIFA, we have realized most of our targets in
terms of football development in Djibouti and I am sending a big thank you
to FIFA for making that approach possible for us” President Souleiman
Hassan Waberi told the closing ceremony.

“Earlier in the month, we organized refereeing course for our Futsal
referees and today we are concluding the coaching course, so this means
that Futsal knowledge is now complete for Djibouti” the president said
announcing that the country’s Futsal tournament will begin soon.
Next week, president Souleiman will lead a Djiboutian delegation to Zurich
where they attend the 65th FIFA Congress.

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar
CECAFA Media Committee Member