Djibouti celebrates world women’s day with football tourney

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As the whole world celebrated the International women’s day, Djibouti
Football Federation has marked the global occasion with football competition
held for female soccer teams that came to an end here in the capital Djibouti
on Saturday, 8th of march 2014.

The competition gathered 8 women’s teams with Balbala winning the final
match after humiliating their Ambouli rivals by 2-1 in a hotly-contested match
played at the National technical centre facility here in the capital on

“It is a great honour for us to mark the world women’s day with football
tournament, because women are the backbone of the community and by virtue of
that we are always committed to encouraging women’s involvement in all sectors
and in particularly the football” Djibouti Football Federation President
Souleiman Hassan Waberi said as he was presenting the trophy to the winning
team’s captain on Saturday.

The president said that his federation was fully prioritising the growth
of women’s football in the small horn of African nation whose football
federation has made huge progress for the past 16 months.

Mean while, women in Djibouti have been enjoying their own football
league in the country for the past several weeks. The event has cheered
thousands of female fans and scores of women footballers across the football
growing nation.

The national technical director for women’s football in Djibouti Fadumo
Mouse Dirie who was reached for comment by the CECAFA Media praised the FDF
president Souleiman Hassan Waberi for his commitment to weight on women’s
football promotion in the country.

“Women’s tourney is currently under way here in Djibouti—the interest
for such competition has been rapidly growing in the country where an
increasing number of spectators are arriving at stadiums when women are playing”
Mrs. Fadumo said adding that her President Souleiman Hassan Waberi was the
inventor of the revival of women football in the country.

“Our president Souleiman Hassan Waberi is fully praiseworthy for his
role in the revival of women’s football here and we are very grateful to him
for such successful endeavour” Djibouti’s national technical director for women’s
football Mrs. Fadumo Mouse Dirie told in an interview with CECAFA media on

The re-launch of women’s football and the creation of beach soccer events
in Djibouti for the first time in history were amongst the pledges made by
President Souleiman Hassan Waberi during his post election press conference
on10th of November 2012. Most pledges have been successfully implemented in the
country for the past 16 months.

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin

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