Digging Their Own Grave;The End Days of Ethiopia’s TPLF Regime

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Mareeg.com-Prevously in power for almost three decades the Tigray Peoples
Liberation Front (TPLF) of Ethiopia finally is approaching their end
days and as we say here in the Horn of Africa, “they are digging their
own grave”.

The TPLF has been Africa’s if not the worlds most corrupt, brutal,
genocidal even, regime for the past 30 years. Removed from national
power in Ethiopia during the peaceful revolution there in 2018, the
peace deal the USA brokered left them holding out in their home
province of Tigray, one of Ethiopia’s smallest minorities. Providing
refuge to wanted criminals and then sending their paid agents to
commit murder and ethnic mayhem across Ethiopia these past two years,
the TPLF has done its best to bring havoc to the country, in other
words, “digging their own grave”. The hatred felt throughout Ethiopia,
if the opinions being voiced in a half a dozen languages via satellite
television is anything to guide us by, putting these gangster in their
grave once and for all it long over due. The Ethiopian Parliament
voted unanimously to authorize doing so, with all the many ethnic
based factions united in this.

While the world was distracted with the elections in the USA, the TPFL
launched an attack on an Ethiopian Defense Forces logistics base in
Tigray, apparently hoping to capture weapons. The attack failed but
Ethiopian blood was shed and lives were lost by a regime that claims
to be their fellow Ethiopians. The brutality the TPLF gun thugs
exhibited towards the captured Ethiopian army personel shocked all of
Ethiopia, with those refusing to join the TPLF shot down in cold blood
and the rest stripped naked and forced to walk barefoot across the
Eritrean border. Reports of hyenas eating the bodies of Ethiopian
troops sickened the country even more.

This literally was the straw that broke the camels back and Nobel
Peace Laureate P.M. Abiy Ahmed picked up the gauntlet the TPLF mafia
threw at the feet of the Ethiopian people and declared war, something
all to over due for most of the country.

Abey had been patient, almost painfully so, when the TPLF assasinated
senior ethnic Amhara generals in 2019, trying to provoke ethnic
warfare. Then when they instigated the assassination of the popular
Oromo singer and youth leader early in 2020 and sent their paid agents
to burn, loot and murder afterwards, Abey bided his time, all the
while tightening the noose around the TPLF bandits.

With the pressure increasing daily and their own people increasingly
restive, the TPLF held another of their “100%” elections, awarding
themselves every single seat in their so called Tigray assembly

Abey has been one step ahead of them since before their ouster from
national power in 2018 and in a.series of moves that foretold what lay
in store, Abey, in a dramatic strike kept completely secret until it
was implemented, ordered the replacement of the Ethiopian currency,
the Birrh. With only 90 days to exchange their literally billions of
birrh, with no possible explanation of how they aquired it, the TPLF
found themselves facing bankruptcy, unable to pay their security
forces and maintain control of the TIgrayan people.

Then Abey went to Sudan and arranged the security of the Sudanese
border, what is really the border between Ethiopia and Sudan, so as to
close the back door of escape. Increasingly hemmed in by their
traditional enemies the Afar to the south and the Amhara to their
west, with the Eritrean border to their east heavily militarized and
impenetrable, their only escapte route was through Sudan, traditonally
a pourous, easily corrupted border. WIth the new government in Sudan
allied with the Ethiopian government of Abiy and now close to Eritrea
again, the TPLF capos and their henchmen are now effectively trapped.

The TPLF have been threatening to launch an all out war against the
government of Abiy Ahmed for months now, growing more shrill and
alarmist by the week. Then they did it, attacked the armed forces in
their base and the die was cast, no going back. P.M. Abiy has taken up
the challenge and has begun to mobilize the Ethiopian army to put a
long overdue end to as murderous lot of gangsters as you will find

Before this the TPLF response to the steadily growing pressure from
all sides has been to try and further enflame ethnic hatred through
assassins for hire attacking Oromos in particular, blaming Abiy Ahmed
all the while. They have made desperate appeals to their erstwhile
supporters in the EU, UN and AU as well as the human rights mob such
as the International Crisis Group (funded by the National Endowment
for Democracy/CIA and George Soros) and the usual suspects ie Amnesty
International and Human Rights Watch.

To hear die hard criminals claiming to being persecuted and treated oh
so unfairly would be amusing if the TPLF were not so dangerous. A
cornered hyena is the most dangerous sort all, too willing to attack
anything and everything it can reach.

Then on the night of November 9th, as the advancing Ethiopian army
gathered at their doorstep at a town in west Tigray, the retreating
TPLF death squads began their bloodthirsty work, literally butchering
with machetes and knives some 500 seasonal workers at their

Amnesty International reported that survivors of this shocking
massacre pointed the finger of blame squarely at the TPLF killers. At
first the western media tried to spread the blame, or at least to
confuse just who was to blame, but Amnesty’s report this time played
it straight, and the whole world can see once again just what a
inhuman, barbaric lot of murderers the TPLF really are.

This wasnt the first time, no, no, no, the TPLF has a long bloody
history of massacres. When they invaded Eritrea in 2000, something new
P.M. Abiy has apologized for, pretty much any civilians they could
catch were butchered. Eritreans are all to familiar with their
Tigrayan neighbors and knew to flee with only the clothes on their
backs, children in hand, 1.5 million of us, when the TPLF broke
through Eritrean defenses.

In the early 2000’s the Anuak people of Gambella, home to 2 billion
barrels of oil or more and some of the richest agricultural lands in
Ethiopia, were targetted for a massive wave of ethnic cleansing
including a series of bloody massacres by TPLF death squads.

At the end of 2006 the TPLF sent it’s army into Somalia at the behest
of their overlords in Washington D.C. and during their two year
occupation slaughtered over 50,000 Somalis.

In 2007 they responded to an attack by ethnic Somali fighters in the
Ogaden region of Ethiopia to mount a complete food and medical aid
blockade that lasted until the peaceful revolution of 2018. While
drought, famine and even at least two cholera outbreaks (how could
cholera have entered the Ogaden when there was such a draconian
blockade?) the TPLF sent the “wheat militia” death squads rampaging
across the Ogaden.

The TPLF has instigated inumerable massacres where their agents flamed
ethnic tensions into conflaguration, with hundreds at a time
slaughtered and over 1 million Ethiopians internally displaced,
refugees in their own country.

As the Ethiopian army advances on three fronts towards the TPLF
capital in Mekele, the cornered hyenas of the TPLF have become ever
more dangerous, or at least trying to be. While their own “army”
conscripts put up their hands in surrender in front of the advancing
Ethiopian government troops the TPLF launched rockets into Eritrea,
with three landing in a cow pasture on the edge of the capital Asmara.
They then announed that they were officially at war with Eritrea who
has carefully refrained from putting boots on the ground in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has a large modern army with over 20 advanced Russian fighter
bombers while the TPLF lost all of their airforce in 2018, taken from
them by the new government of Abiy Ahmed. There is simply no way their
gun thugs known as the “Agazi”, with their white helmets, alongside
miscellanous death squads can fight a conventional war with the
Ethiopian government.

In typical bandit style, the retreating TPLF has begun taking
hostages, starting with Ethiopians working for the UN aid agencies.
Their last stand will be in their capital Mekele in their south and
dont be suprised if they prevent the civilian population from fleeing,
using them as human shields to slow the Ethiopian army down and limit
the use of the airforce.

The military end of the TPLF is not far off, days rather than weeks,
but once the fighting ends the real hard work begins. The TPLF regime
has been in power almost 30 years in Tigray and they have their
enforcers in every village in the province. Truth and Justice
committees will have to be implemented in every village, bringing to
justice all those who committed crimes against the Tigrayan people
while under TPLF protection.

As with all weeds if you just cut off their heads, and the Ethiopian
government has issued wanted posters for 68 of the top TPLF capos, the
weeds will only grow back in time. You have to pull weeds up by the
roots, TPLF roots, from deep within Tigrays villages, and this will
take enormous energy and resolute, uncorruptable leadership. P.M. Abiy
Ahmed has his job cut out for him for years to come though the
benefits of a finally peaceful Ethiopia will be welcomed across the

There is joke making the rounds of Asmara that goes like this; “Do you
know Abiy Ahmed’s fathers real name?”. Many Asmarinos know it to be
Ahmed Ali? No is the answer, Abiy Ahmeds father’s real name is “Wedi
Afom”, Eritrean President Issais Aferwerki’s nickname. In other words,
the over 50 years of hard won wisdom of Issias Aferwerki is guiding
Ethiopia’s leadership, something P.M. Abiy acknowledged openly back in
July 8, 2018 when he said, and I quote “dont worry Issias if leading

Now that the TPLF “has dug its own grave” and is about to be buried
once and for all, the benefits for the rest of the Horn of Africa and
east Africa as well will bring a blossoming of peace and properity, a
prosperity based on mutual cooperation for our regions good, and to
hell with the western banksters and multinational blood suckers. The
death of the TPLF will deprive the CIA, whose agents groomed and fed
the TPLF mafia from its earliest days of its largest, longest lived
and most sucessfull project in Africa in the past 40 years.

Thomas C. Mountain is an historian and educator living and reporting
from Eritrea since 2006. Reach him at thomascmountain at g mail dot

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