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Diesel Generators Ideal for Reliable Backup Power

Over the last couple of weeks, the extreme winter weather has really hit the UK hard. With storms, torrential rain and even snow blizzards- we really have been subjected to it all! And all of these weather conditions have one thing in common- they all have been known to cause major power failures. Recently, thousands and thousands of homes all across the UK have been plunged into darkness for hours on end, losing the ability to cook any food, watch any television or plug in the heater to keep their homes toasty warm. But luckily there is a solution to this problem, which has stared becoming increasingly popular- the use of a diesel standby generator.

Standby generators vary greatly in size, allowing you to choose the ideal machine depending on how much power you require. For an average home, a 5kw diesel generator is sufficient to run all of your home essentials when the power goes out. This size generator would allow you to carry on relatively normally meaning that your day is not completely disrupted. For those wishing to power more than your ‘basic essentials’ in your home during a power failure, a generator with a larger power output would be required.

Diesel standby generators can also be extremely beneficial for businesses. Most businesses in the UK require power in order to operate, in particular to power computers which are at the heart of the smooth running of many businesses. Unfortunately, this means that when the power goes out the business is forced to close, losing them a lot of money which can have disastrous consequences in this tough economic climate.

Many of the standby generators for sale in the UK today, come with the option of an Automatic Transfer Switch, ATS. Once set up, the ATS allows the standby generator to start up automatically in the event of a power failure which means that you are never left without a reliable source of power. This is also particularly handy for use during the winter months, as it means the generator will start without the need of somebody trekking outside in the freezing cold to turn it on. If you don’t have a diesel generator, you can buy one. Before buying any diesel generator, check review and rating at Toolsradar. You can also seek expert’s advice in this regard.

Tools and Power Tools have a range of high quality diesel standby generators which are ideal for when the power goes out. Starting from 5.2kw and going all the way up to 120kva, there is definitely a generator to suit every need and occasion.

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