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Dialogue between parties elevates political civilization of mankind

By Wang Hongyan and Liang Yuemin-Mareeg.com-Communist Party of China (CPC) in Dialogue with World Political Parties High-level Meeting kicked off in Beijing on Nov 30. The meeting, the largest gathering of its kind, will effectively enhance mutual understanding and expand consensus between different political parties.

Under the theme of “Working Together Towards a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind and a Better World: Responsibilities of Political Parties,” the CPC will conduct in-depth dialogues and wide exchanges with leaders of more than 200 parties and political organizations from over 120 countries.

There are thousands of political parties across the globe, but to date there is not a platform for them to communicate effectively, resulting in wide misunderstandings, divergence even disputes not timely handled and properly resolved.

The dialogue is such a platform that allows different political parties to communicate with each other directly, widely and fully, and it will be conducive to the establishment of a cooperative mechanism for them to display their strengths and learn from each other.

The dialogue is of pioneering significance in human history. It will play a constructive role in pushing the international order toward a more just and rational direction, promoting peace and stability as well as common prosperity of mankind.

As the biggest party in the world, the CPC is leading the world’s largest developing country toward globally remarkable achievements and is influencing the world widely.

The Party has accumulated rich experience in governing the country and unique experience in strengthening self-construction. The experience is very valuable for other political parties to learn from and has strong impact on them.

The CPC is qualified and obliged to share China’s stories, experience and solutions with foreign political parties. It also has the foundation and advantages to do so.

The dialogue has a strong global vision, because it is open for all parties and political organizations across the globe and encourages them to participate. This attitude is not only in accordance with the increasing pace of globalization, but also a reflection of the CPC’s responsibility as a big party.

The dialogue is not aimed at forming a political ally among parties, but being a platform and mechanism that allows all parties to set aside disputes and fully engage in exchanging views on self-governance and self-construction.

The dialogue fully practices Chinese President Xi Jinping’s remarks that when it comes to different civilizations, exchange will replace estrangement, mutual learning will replace clashes, and coexistence will replace a sense of superiority.

(The authors are from the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Research Center under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.)

Source: People’s Daily

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