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Death toll Somalia bombing rises to 11 people

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Death toll from a car bomb explosion at shopping mall in Somali capital, Mogadishu has climbed to 11 people.

The explosion has partially destroyed the mall and neighboring shops, according to, a tea-seller, Aisha Hussein.

Hussein says she had seen bodies of 8 people laying on the ground shortly after the explosion.

Four other dead bodies were taken into morgue, according to medical official at Madian hospital in Mogadishu.

‘I look back at it now and I think, you know, how I ever survived that,’ Hussein recalled.

Hussein says she thinks her brain just completely switched off from the shock because “I was acutely aware something was wrong but couldn’t compute quickly enough”.

Somali TV journalist Mohamed Ibrahim was among those injured in the suicide bomb explosion claimed by Al Shabaab.

Ibrahim has been treating in hospital in the capital of Mogadishu.

Somali capital has been hit by huge suicide attacks and assassinations, with some of those attacks were claimed by al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab.

The group has been battling Somali army forces, along with African Union troops for more than ten years in the war-ravaged nation of Somalia.

The group wants to topple the weak-western government-based in Mogadishu.


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