David Cameron wrecks the Union

In a few days time Scotland will vote on whether or not to remain in the union.  That’s the ‘United Kingdom’.   Put another way, Scots will be asked whether they want to separate.  It is predicted that the vote would be close.  Interestingly, the two major parties in Britain, Conservative and Labour, are in agreement on the issue.  Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband have dropped all other matters to go campaign in Scotland.  They want Scotland to remain as part of the United Kingdom.


Well, it’s up to people in that part of the world to figure out what’s best for them.  What interests us is a lovely claim made by Cameron:‘The United Kingdom is a precious and special country.  That is what is at stake.  So let no one in Scotland be in any doubt: we desperately want you to stay; we do not want this family of nations to be ripped apart.’


Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, a David Cameron better endowed with that rare commodity called integrity and equally empowered by a solid understanding of history, was heard muttering to himself.  This is what he said. I am a subject.  That’s less than citizen of course, but still.  I am a subject and one that loves his native land.  For me, no country is more special than mine.  That’s because I was born here.  Now had I been born in Somalia, I would probably say ‘no place on earth is more beautiful’.  But I was born in what’s called the United Kingdom and that’s special to me.


Special, yes, and precious too, for the very same reasons.  But I know history and I am no liar (at least not in this particular universe I am resident in at the moment).  So even as I say ‘precious’ I can’t help not hearing a thousand voices from all parts of the world and from decades gone by screaming in my ear, ‘pernicious’.  I know the history of my country and I know how it became wealthy.  I know at what cost we obtained our comfy lifestyles and I know who had to pay (not I and not my ancestors).


I hear those voices and I get tongue-tied about the union.  I mean, how can I talk about the integrity of the union when I know how Britain with guns, deceit and even Bible, moved to tear apart countries, communities and families?  Did I use the past tense?  Sorry.  It’s not history.  It’s as-we-speak unfolding.  No other nation (well, the USA is admittedly giving us a run for our money) has played with map and boundary as Britain has.  It was and is as though we loved nothing more that destroying cultures and fracturing communities.  Indeed it was as though we operated on the following lines ‘we desperately want you to get the hell out of wherever the hell you happen to be – we would like nothing more than seeing your families ripped apart.’


We did the ‘divide and rule’ number, but we don’t think that goose-sauce is the same as gander-sauce if you know what I mean.  We don’t want to be divided and ruled.  We don’t want to be sold as slaves.  We don’t want someone to draw arbitrary lines and turn the British Isles into a dozen countries in ways that leaves communities stranded in different ‘countries’ paving the way for ‘ethnic fratricide’ somewhere down the line.  We don’t want to be turned into so many ‘minorities’ and have ‘majorities’ elsewhere booing us the way our blue-blooded subject booed Moeen Ali the other day.


My country is special to me, but history says that we would be shortlisted for the dubious prize of the most uncivilized people the world has ever known.  We are bunch of savages who had no qualms about marrying Bible to Gun and using both to subjugate people, plunder their lands, desecrate their temples, dispossess them and if necessary slaughter them in their thousands.


We want Scotland to remain in the union, but the truth is, given what England was, is and intends to be, and what the ‘union’ does as boot-licker of the USA in many parts of the world, we cannot blame Scotland for voting ‘yes’…’yes, we want to do stuff our way in the by ourselves, with ourselves and for ourselves manner’. Source  nation.lk


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