Corrupt Government official’s misappropriated humanitarian aid confirms Somali interior minister during parliamentary briefing Somali Interior Minister Abdullahi
Godah has confirmed that there are government officials who misappropriated
relief aid meant for displaced people.

“There are Officials who have embezzled the relief food meant for needy
people in various parts of the country.” He said.

Mr. Godah said that the government has suspended the distribution of the aid
to the affected areas after establishing that some government officials were
involved in the mismanagement of the food aid process.

“We have delivered emergency food rations in some parts of Bay and Bakol
provinces after we established that they needed urgent humanitarian aid.” He

The Government of Somalia with the help from international humanitarian
organizations is trying to deliver aids to areas liberated from Al-Shabaab
militant group following the launch of a major offensive against the group by
Somali National Army backed by AMISOM forces.

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