Confidential document reveals power struggle between Central and Federal states confidential report received by Dalsan Radio reveals how federal states and influential politicians
in Somalia are trying to lobby secretly by use of external forces to undermine
the powers of the central government in Mogadishu. An exclusive document
obtained by the station discloses how some politicians are pushing for a road
map to amend the constitution and give the federal states equals powers as the
central government.
There are  two suggestions in the document in order to achieve the intended goal. The first one states
that regional administration states should unite against the government of
Mogadishu and this is the led by Punt Land president and former Somali PM Abdiweli Mohamed Gas.
The second one says that the recent visit of the Speaker Professor Mohamed Jawari to Italy was an invitation by the former colony to convince him to sale the agenda within the national assembly.
If the suggestions presented become successful then there is no doubt this will have an impact on
the scheduled 2016 one man one vote idea general elections the first in the
country’s history since the civil war two decades ago