China’s Embassy Building in Somalia Restored Somali Government handed over the land and the building of the former Chinese Embassy back to China and that embassy is due to be restored to full functionality.
The documents on the restoration of the property which is in Mogadishu was signed by the Somali Foreign
Affairs Minister, Abdirahman Duale Beyle. The minister acknowledged the role of
the government of China towards the development of Somalia. ‘China
is going to restore its embassy in the country. From today onwards, their
embassy will be operating from here. China helped our country a lot. We are
aware of that. They assisted the previous government a lot’. The Minister said.

‘They built the main road network in the country and those roads need repair at the moment’.He added.
The acting ambassador of China in the country pledged good cooperation between the two governments of
Somalia and of China and congratulated the Somalis for observing the holy month
of Ramadan.