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China refutes US challenge to its countermeasures, urges US to end unjustified restrictions

By Wang Ke – – China’s countermeasures on the US Section 232 investigation over steel and aluminum imports are legitimate and in line with multilateral trade rules, a Chinese commerce official on Wednesday refuted the groundless blames from Washington, who on Monday lodged challenges at the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China’s reactions.

The Section 232 investigation is indeed a pursuit of trade protectionism under the cover of “national security”, the official with China’s Ministry of Commerce stressed, pointing out that many WTO members have reached consensus on this conclusion.

As “a serious damage to multilateral trade rules”, the US’ actions have undermined the legitimate rights and interests of WTO members, including China, the representative with the ministry’s treaty and law department warned.

“China has submitted a request to the US for consultations on compensation based on the WTO rules, but the latter refused to respond. Given the situation, China has to take further actions in accordance with its trade law to offset the losses caused by the US trade measures and safeguard its legitimate rights and interests,” the official explained.

The representative underlined that what China did, which are necessary measures to protect its national interests and multilateral trading system, is legitimate and in line with multilateral trade rules.

If the US still has a sincerity to stand by multilateral trade rules, it should put an end to its restrictions that violate the WTO rules at an early date and completely defuse its disputes with WTO members, the official added.

“China is willing to work with relevant members to maintain the authority of the multilateral trading system together,” the official pledged.

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