Somalia:Car bomb blast in Somali capital kills at least 25 people least 25  people including Somali government soldiers and civilians were killed and over 30 others wounded after a massive  car bomb blast were targeted at a busy market known as Kawo-godey market in  Mogadishu’s Wadajir district on Sunday officials said.

Abdullahi Ahmed, Wadajir district commissioner told reporters that the attack was a car bomb blast which hit busy restaurant and market,  killing at least 22 people and wounded 20 others.

“It was a busy hour in Mogadishu, when the truck exploded. We have seen at 22 people including soldiers and civilians dead and twenty more others were also wounded. The death toll could rise, as many people were critically wounded in the attack, and taken to hospitals by the local ambulances for medical treatment” Ahmed said.

Kawo-godey market,  is the busiest market in Wadajir district as large number of people was at the scene for shopping and business when the truck were exploded according to Abdi Jelle, an eyewitness in Mogadishu.

A police captain in wadajir, told  mareeg,  that they had launched security operation in Wadajir district after attack

“We are conducted a security operation after the attack and we have captured four suspected al-Shabaab members” he said.

National security and intelligence agency [NISA] said that they had identified the car which exploded in Mogadishu, as Toyota Harrier.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but Somali rebel group of al-Shabaab had recently behind terrorist attacks in Somali capital Mogadishu.

Sunday’s attack is the first major attack in Somalia since Somali parliament elected Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo, as Somalis next four year president on eight February.More information to follow

Halkan ka dhagayso codka Madaxwaynaha oo warbaahinta kula hadlay cisbitaalka Madiina

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The author is a senior freelance journalist based Somali capital Mogadishu