British man breaks world record for fastest speed in a jet suit

Reuters-British Inventor and entrepreneur, Richard Browning, soared into the record books when he made the fastest ever speed in a body-controlled jet engine power suit.

The founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries achieved a speed of 32.02mph (51.53 km/h) on his third and final timed effort over a lake in Reading, England.

Richard’s ‘Iron Man’ like suit consisted of six kerosene-fuelled micro gas turbines, each having 22kg of thrust and is fully dependent on the movement of the human body to control its flight path.

Richard spoke to afterwards and said: ”I am delighted we have set the record. I’m very proud indeed to be a part of Guinness World Records Day, it is a pleasure and a privilege to have our unique creation recognised and celebrated all round the world” source reuters

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