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Big rally against Somalia oil summit held in London


MOGADISHU, Somalia – Anti- government of Somalia started outside Claridge hotel to protest against bidding or selling out its untapped oil, ahead of oil summit on February 7th  at Claridge hotel in UK’s capital, London.

The launch event is set to take place in London when the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources will unveil the final block delineation, expected to consist of up to 50 blocks covering a total area of over 173,000 km2.

Hundreds of Somalis converged together outside at Claridge hotel where Somali delegation is seeking to sell oil blocks.

Somalia wants to sign deals fraudulently, according to the protestors.

“We won’t allow anyone to sell out our untapped oil”, protestors chanted.

However, Somalia’s Upper House’s national resource committee has termed the summit as “unconstitutional” and against the law of the Horn of Africa nation.

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