Benaadir region wants to be allowed to manage the capital’s security services, to enhance security

Mogadishu-Friday, 22nd December, 2017- Banaadir governor and the Mogadishu Mayor, Thabit Abdi Mohamed has called for the regional security to be brought directly under the authority of the Benadir regional administration.

Speaking during the celebration marking the 74th anniversary since the establishment of the police force, Mr. Thabit once again reiterated the need for the harmonisation of the Benadir regional government and its security so as to achieve real accountability on the security sector

The mayor revisited article Two of public Order Authorities of 1963 which says “Regional governors. The regional commands and the respective territorial and mobile units of the police force and of the Ilalo corps shall, within the limits established by law, be under the authority of the regional governors.

“We have devolved the administrative capacities of all parts of Benadir region, and as a result, you we are reaping the benefits. We believe that if the security forces are also devolved, we will be able to make progress in the managing the Security of capital in the short term,” said Mr. Thabit.

Thabit has recently launched a programme called “community policing” which aims to connect the security agencies and the people of Mogadishu, which starts from Ward, village to district , a programme that allowed the police and security agencies to get reinforcement from the public.

He added that his administration is now ready and has the capacity to effectively run the security agencies, “We should act on problems facing the people of Mogadishu caused by our enemies. We have come up with a clear plan that has accountability, which we will use to protect our citizens, and we request this to be considered,” he said.

The various Benadir regional security agencies are currently managed by the different departments in the central government, a situation that removes the necessary link and cooperation with the local authority.


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