Beileh seeks Real Madrid support to build sports in Somalia

the Somali Foreign Minister, Abdirahman Beileh who is on an official visit to Spanish capital, Madrid has extended  his government’s Give Up Your Gun and Go to School  and be a champion Programme aimed at establishing sports by building stadiums and academies for young people in football.

 Dr. Baileh visited  Santiago Bernabeu stadium the home of EUFA champions Real Madrid  and   was shown around by the Real Madrid foreign relations Director.
  He  discussed the club possibility of  extending their work in organizing youth clubs, funding sports and providing alternative livelihood through sports.
He confirmed that the Real Madrid management have expressed their interest and has invited the federal government of Somalia to submit a proposal.
“These are opportunities we must not only encourage and explore but take full advantage for the sake of the future of our next generation especially by amazing groups like Real Madrid,” He said.

The Spanish government has pledged to support the federal government of Somalia on various projects  such as funding developmental projects that will specifically impact positively on the lives of the Somali youth and destruct them from  terrorism and other criminal related  activities