BBC Hausa announces Women’s Short Story Award winner “BBC”

This year’s BBC Hausa Short Story Writing Award for Female Writers has been won by Maimuna S Beli from Kano State, for her story “Bai Kai Zuci Ba” (Not from the heart).

It tells the story of a woman who is obsessed with her children and constantly dreams of what might befall them if she dies. She even tells her husband to marry her best friend who loves children if she suddenly dies so she can help take care of her children. She always dreams of dying and coming back from the dead to visit her children.

The judges were impressed by Maimuna’s bold writing style as, with ease and creativity, she takes the reader from the land of the living to the spirit world.

Jimeh Saleh, Editor of BBC Hausa, says: “We are so impressed with the level of interest generated by this year’s contest, and the number and quality of entries we’ve received.”

The competition was introduced last year by BBC Hausa in order to give women a voice and encourage creative writing among Hausa-speaking women. Four hundred entries from around the world were received for this year’s award.

Maimuna S Beli will be honoured, together with the second and third place winners, in Abuja on Friday 24 November. The winning entry and runner-up stories can be heard on air and online on BBC Hausa, from Saturday 25 November.


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