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Avert Coming Danger: Proven Way to Restore US Presidency

Our editorial is being simultaneously submitted worldwide in hopes that it will be published in so many places that it is certain to catch the attention of President Trump as well as other world leaders. All leaders could greatly benefit from adopting the scientifically-validated and field-tested approach we advocate.
More than 300 news publications recently united across the United States to run editorials promoting the freedom of the press. The editorial boards of widely circulated and respected newspapers–conservative and liberal, both small and large–all joined together to defend this fundamental right. By working together for our common good an important precedent was established during this dangerous time of high collective stress.
We are asking editorial departments of publications again to cooperate worldwide to publish our Op-Ed. Due to the great danger our planet faces, we ask you all to also waive any exclusive submissions requirements. Better yet, if you insist on having an exclusive article, please ask your staff to write and publish an editorial advocating our proven approach.
If enough editors decide to publish about our approach; a fundamental change in collective mind-set could occur. It will likely be difficult to achieve it especially for the military. As military historian Basil H. Liddell Hart noted “the only thing harder than getting a new idea into the military mind is to getting an old one out.” Militaries worldwide have fought wars for thousands of years. A scientifically-verified means that they could easily use to prevent them will be hard to conceive. However, if President Trump discovers that our approach is being advocated worldwide, he may be desperate enough to try something new. If you publish on our approach the US Commander-in-Chief of the US military may be inspired to give his executive order to deploy it. Even if most military leaders are against it, they understand that military tradition requires that once the order is given, all must obey. Therefore they are obligated to immediately execute that order to the best of their ability.
We hope you all will avert the coming danger by publishing our editorial which will start the historical transition to lasting world peace and prosperity.
An extensive list with Internet links to articles and scientific papers previously published on this topic in the USA and other countries worldwide is available at:

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