Arab League Handball Federation pledges Newly elected president of the Arab handball Federations Dr Turki
Khalwi said that the Pan Arab handball body was expecting to implement more
development programs in under developed Arab nations including: Somalia,
Djibouti, Sudan, Palestine and Yemen to help those countries’ handball
promotion in the near future.

President Dr Turki Khalwi (Saudi Arabia) made the announcement during a
post election address at the Arab Handball Federation congress which was held
in the Egyptian capital Cairo between 24-27 February 2014.

Somalia was represented at the congress by Somali Handball Federation
Secretary General Mr. Nur Maye Osman who told the media that 16 Arab countries also
attended this year’s election congress.

The president of the international Handball Federation Dr. Hassan
Mustafa and a representative from the Arab Olympic committee witnessed the election
which also brought in Dr Khalid Dowani (Egypt) and Dr Isse Al Ni’mii (UAE)
as vice presidents of the Pan Arab handball Federation.

During the congress, Somali Handball Federation Secretary General Mr.
Nur Maye Osman held meetings with delegates at the congress to discuss with
them on the strengthening of the cooperative relations between Somalia and the
rest of Arab Nations.

“The New Arab league Handball Federation Authorities pledged a
particular support and assistance for Somalia to help the country’s handball
recover from decades of civil wars and unrest which caused more setbacks in the
field of Somali handball promotion” Mr. Nur Maye Osman told the media on

“Somalia will soon benefit from coaching and refereeing course that the
Arab league Handball Federation announced they will organize for Somalia—this
was one of the major support programs that the Arab handball body will
implement in Somalia” Mr. Osman added.

He said that besides that, the Jordanian handball Federation President
invited Somali women to a handball coaching course to be held in April this

However, During the Arab league Handball Federation congress the
fixtures of King Fahad tournament were unveiled. The tournament will take place
in Tunisia this month.

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar