Arab leaders must rise to regional challenges, somali President President said: “Arab nations need to rise to the

challenges that collectively face us. We lag behind in terms of human

development and we need to do much better adapting our political institutions

to the twenty-first century. The old models haven’t worked. We must now

demonstrate unity of purpose if we are to make the progress our people



Arab leaders will be discussing resolutions on the crisis in


and the Arab peace initiative.


Arab countries were important diplomatic and development

partners as Somalia

was rebuilding its economy and political institutions, the President said. He

will hold a series of bilateral meetings with Arab leaders focused on a range

of issues.


“We will be discussing peace-building initiatives and

development projects and updating our colleagues on the success we are having

in our offensive against Al Shabaab,” the President said. “After the military

victory against our enemies we will be looking to find a lasting solution to

the conflict and repeat our unconditional offer to work with all Somalis who

renounce violence. We are all Somalis and must join forces to rebuild our