Ana Gomes MEPcalls for investigation into Police abuse of Ogadeni prisoners  * somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Ana Gomes MEPcalls for investigation into Police abuse of Ogadeni prisoners 

By Ahmed Abdi -MEP Ana Gomes called for an investigation into Liyuu Police abuse of Ogadeni prisoners after a new report by Human Rights Watch on Thursday and urged an inclusive dialogue between the government and Armed Opposition Groups.

“Ethiopia’s new prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed should urgently order investigations into the horrific situation in Jail Ogaden,” Ms. Ana Gomes MEP wrote on Twitter.

The Human Right Watch released Thursday a report titled, “Ethiopia: Torture in Somali Region Prison-Senior Officials Implicated in Nonstop Regimen of Abuse”. ;

The Portuguese MEP has urged the Ethiopian Prime Minister to hold regional security forces and top officials accountable for their atrocities against the prisoners. 

In a separate tweet on Thursday, MEP Gomes lauded the democratization of Ethiopia and the government’s decision to remove the terrorist list from three armed groups: Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Fron and Patriotic Ginbot 7. 

It is “really crucial to enable inclusive dialogue needed to lead to a truly inclusive democracy in Ethiopia!” 

She welcomed the current political reforms in Ethiopia and said it is a “great hope and joy for this historical and courageous step! Kudos PM Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopian Parliament!” 

Over the last couple of years, Members of the European Parliament spoke out against the Liyuu Police brutality.

MEP Julie Ward (UK, S&D) questioned the Ethiopian Ambassador to the EU recently about the extra-judicial police killings of Ogaden.

Hover, the Ogaden Commentators say the Ethiopian Prime Minster’s endeavors to make a positive change in Ethiopia does not apply to the people of Ogaden as the embattling Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) influences the region directly and indirectly by dictating to the region’s strongman, Abdi Iley.

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