AMISOM statement on Africa Day

On this auspicious occasion, I wish all AMISOM colleagues a very happy day of thanks, recollection, remembrance and celebration of our fore-fathers challenges, sacrifice and achievements, as they strived to make true the vision that brought us where we are today, since that historic 25 May 1963.

We, in AMISOM, are aware that the road to full liberation, peace and economic emancipation, is still long and bumpy, but have pledged to play our part;

AMISOM was vital in protecting the transitional Government and the ensuing Somali Federal Governments;

AMISOM and SNA have degraded Al Shabab and pushed the bulk of its forces from Mogadishu and from all other liberated areas across the sectors;

AMISOM helped expand humanitarian access and provided various forms of relief to a significant number of Somalis;

AMISOM, working jointly with the Somali National Security Forces, are providing the security foundation on which the Government and all international actors rely to fulfill their mandates in Somalia today.

This year, in addition to efforts to contain terrorism, build peace through dialogue and reconciliation and develop the country through state building, reconstruction and recovery, AMISOM is working with the Federal Government of Somalia to help the people of Somalia deal with the disruptions being brought about by the Corona Virus pandemic.

As we celebrate Africa Day, I salute the brave young African men and women from Somalia and our troop and Police contributing countries who, in a complex and difficult environment in which they are operating, are pushing their energies and skills to the limit, to make the vision of our founding fathers a reality in Somalia.

Happy Africa Day.