AMISOM opens training programs for Interim Juba Administration forces near Kismayo

African Union Mission in Somalia known as AMISOM has on Tuesday launched training programs for over 1000 soldiers from Interim Juba Administration in Madhamato, west of Kismayo.

First Vice President of the Interim Juba Administration, Abdullahi Ismail Fartag and members from the administration’s cabinet ministers attended the opening of the training programs on Tuesday.

Minister of Interior, Mohamed Warsame Darwish said that the forces will be deployed to various parts in Juba regions to drive al Shabaab remnants out of the regions after the completion of their trainings.

The first Vice President of Interim Jubba Administration, Abdullahi Ismail Fartag has urged the trainees to make good use of the opportunities given to them by the African Mission in Somalia. The 35-day training program is its first kind since the formation of the Interim Juba Administration last year.

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