AMISOM and Sierra Leone Discuss the Situation of Sierra Leone Troops in AMISOM Commander-in-Chief of Sierra Leone Defense Forces, Samuel Omar Williams recently visited Mogadishu.
He met with the head of AMISOM Operation/the IGAD Special Envoy, Ambassador

Mohamed Salah Anadif, the commander  of AMISOM, General Silas Nitigurirwa and the

commander of AMISOM forces in Kismayo.


Mr.Samuel came to supervise the situation of the troops of Sierra Leone in AMISOM


who are based in Kismayo. What brought him here is to know more about how they


work and their remunerations. Earlier, there were reports saying the troops


from Sierra Leone and Djibouti are the least paid troops in AMISOM. Mr. Samuel


will soon visit Kismayo. He said Sierra Leone troops play a major role in the


AMISOM operation.Sierra Leone troops joined AMISOM in 2010 and are currently based in Kismayo where the  troops from Kenya are also based