AMERICA TO SEND TROOPS TO SOMALIA– The U.S. troops are to leave Afghanistan will be stationed in Somalia and Nigeria.Strengthen military engagement in Somalia against Al Shabab who still occupy most of the country and in respect of whom 18,000 troops to AMISOM have not achieved great progress in recent times.Except for a brief period in 2010 when the Americans helped to resume Mogadishu, will be the first time since 1993, as part of the ” Restore hope” that the U.S. will return in the Horn of Africa after the destruction of two helicopters and the killing of the victims, tied by the feet to pick up dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, the episode that remains in history as “Black hawk down “.According to Confidential report that, from January 10, there are five U.S. military advisers are already in Mogadishu, within the AMISOM base near the Mogadishu airport, in order to prepare the logistics arrival in mass of troops from Afghanistan and the offensive against Al Shabab . According to American authority sources, the U.S. presence in Somalia will not be episodic, but will result in a stable thus realizing the dream of USA, denied by the former Somali president Siad Barre during the Cold War , to have a base on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.The arrival of U.S. troops in Somalia could prevent Ethiopia to remain among the states that have given to AMISOM soldiers in the fight against Al Shabab .  Ethiopia joint the countries officially entered the conferring of troops to AMISOM this week.There is a problem which cannot be resolved between Somalia and Ethiopia over the Ogaden region. The former U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia David Shinn said that the excess of the border between the two states of Ethiopian troops, alb.eit in the context of AMISOM, would allow Al Shabab to avail of ancient grudges to harness the spirit of home and recruit new recruits among its ranks.Since the beginning of 2007 until January 2009 precisely the Ethiopian military helped oust the Islamic Courts from Mogadishu determining the split between moderates and fundamentalists who gave birth to the terrorist movement of Al Shabab . According to David Shinn Ethopia would have more to gain by staying in AMISOM, if not the remuneration of its soldiers?About ten days ago has been reached an important agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland, the semi-autonomous region of northern Somalia, Ethiopia, which allows to use the port of Berbera for their businesses. After the independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia in 1994, in fact, Ethiopia has tried tirelessly to find a solution to its landlocked, and the agreement with President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo of Somaliland has solved one of the biggest problems of ‘ Ethiopia.Source: The Republic