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Alula Primary School in deplorable condition and parents ask for urgent intervention at Alula  Primary & Intermediate School in Alula district,
in Somalia’s northeastern semi-autonomous region of Puntland have been
conducting lessons under a tree for 2 years since the roof of their
four-classroom building was blown off by the storms of Chapala & Megh
which caused heavy rains and landslides throughout Guardafui regions
in November 2015 leaving two classrooms without a roof and several
others with broken ceilings

According to the teachers, the trees under which the pupils were
currently studying were not conducive because the pupils were exposed
to harsh weather conditions.

they lamented that it was difficult to hold classes under trees during
this period (raining season) as the children often get distracted,
trying to cope with the discomfort of the cold weather and the rains.

In an interview with Beldaje ismail Beldaje yasin , the
highest-ranking traditional elder in the region after his visit to the
school, the principal of the school Mr. Mohammed Ali hiji said that
the conditions in which the pupils learn, absolutely unfit for
students,especially for young children because the roofs of the
classrooms have been blown open,  making sunshine and rain to have
unhindered access to them 

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