Alshabab Order somali Mobile companies to stop internet connectivity in Fortnight Alshabab militia has given 15 days ultimatum to telecommunication companies in the country involved shabaabin internet connections to stop it or face serious consequences. “The mujahidin has ordered all telecommunication companies supplying the internet connectivity to stop it with immediate effect.” Said In statement posted in the face book page of Andalus radio station that is managed by the group.


The statement further clarified that the order is not only limited to specific areas but across the country. Earlier this year the group has banned the use of smart phones in there area of administration for fear of drone strikes.


It is not clear what actions the group will take against telecommunication companies who defy this two weeks ultimatum though it can be taken lightly.


Most of the areas that are connected to internet services are under the control of the federal government of Somalia and so far there is no response from the government concerning the Alshabab statement.