Alshaab Blame AMISOM for the Clashes in Lower Shabelle Alshabaab representative in the Lower Shabelle Mohamed Abu Abdalla said AMISOM are the master minders of the clashes in Lower Shabelle.

He said the recent clashes in Merka, Shalaambood and Janaale were stage managed by AMISOM. He said those clashes are among clans and that they resemble those that used to happen during the era of the warlords.  “There are ugly fights in Lower Shabelle these days. Vulnerable people are being killed. There is something to be sorry about going on there nowadays”.  Abu Abdalla said.



He said that is the democracy of AMISOM. “They arm both sides with ammunition and people kill one another before them..and they are happy about this”. He said. Abu Abdalla also pointed out that the 1990s scenarios are being restored by AMISOM.