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All you need to know about Galka’ayo tribal war

The city of Galkayo as you all know is divided into two areas. These two campsare separated by a distinct boundary, with the southern districts governed by the Galmudug / Habargidir and the northern districts governed by Puntland/ Majeerteen.These galkacyotwoneighbours have been historically at war with each other. The two sides are represented by clan militias that clash with each other much too often and the deadly fighting that usually follows has social and historical dimensions.In any time that these clashes happen in this senseless wars between the Majeerteen and Habargidir many innocent people are killed and many more others are injured. Besides, the clashes usually lead to the displacement of thousands of innocent residents as the two sides exchange in the modern age heavy weaponry and anti-aircraft missiles in the town. The recent one was at the end of last year where many people have been killed, hundreds injured and thousands displaced on both sides.This are not just simple local clashes and confrontations but they also mirror the larger divide and rivalry between the Darood and the Hawiye clans in particular between the Majerteen andHabarGidir in the expense of the rest of us.

Tensions between these two groups recently flared up again but in a very strange and peculiar format. This happened when an American air strike in northern Somalia killed many fighters/soldiers with a suggestion that the Americanssomehow  got involved into these mess by “mistake”. May be there’s more to this event  and some of us are not buying this narrative “coleteral damage” and think that it is just a continuation of Blackhawk Down eposide twobetween the Americans and HG – THE TALK IS – REVENGE. The pentagon reports that U.S. military drones have targeted Al shabaab militants at an area east of Galkayo city in central Somalia and Ahlusuna also confirms that the target was a training camp of Alshaab fighters – a legitimate target. Puntland says the attack had killed “more than a dozen” members of al-shabaab. In Washington, a Pentagon spokesman told reporters that the United States had carried out a “self-defence air strike”. Shabaab’s military operations spokesman says that they neither have a base nor forces in the Galkayo area. However,the Galmudug/ HG is claiming that their soldiers had been killed in the strike and that Puntland/Mjerteen had requested air support intentionally on the pretext that they were Al-shabab fighters.Maybe this whole episodei is all about settling old historical scores between the Majeerteen and Habargir or maybe the Americans and Habargidir. In the light of this both HG and Majerteen clans are now mobilizing their militias and a bloody war may likely happen between Puntland and Galmudug. It is also a fact the US military has a free rein in many countries and that they have no need to explain themselves to a “maamulgoboleed” of a failed state on what really happened.But you know that the rest of us don’t give a damn as we all know that the warlords and warmongers past and present of both of these tribes – the Majeerteen and Habargidir are mostly blamed directly or indirectly for the Somali tragedy that unfortunately we all are paying for, and this is part of that.This dispute has its roots far and beyond 3Gs – Galkayo, Guled and Gas,and it was well expected that they will be back again in the ring for another showdown.











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