Al-Shabab Hijacks Somaliland head of Intelligence Officer :source

The head of Somaliland‘s CID, Security Intelligence of Somaliland, General. Mohammed Nour Hirsi, called on the Silanyo administration to release the deputy security minister in bid to investigate ministers in the Silanyo cabinet that allegedly have links with Al-Qaeda’s affiliated with Al-Shabab.
In a telephone interview with Ramaasnews media he exposed clandestine information concerning about the security of Somaliland and its recent diplomatic row with the neighboring countries.

He said the deputy security minister who is serving prison terms should be allowed to regain his freedom in order to speak to the media to clarify these critical issues.


The General warned that the risk it may inflict to the active security Services Forces whenever it is released without consideration “a bad guy” that have been captured in counter-terrorism ops.

“The terrorists that were behind the French kidnapping was captured and was put in jail, but unfortunately they were released from the jail. The CID officer that involved with the detention of the “bad guys” came to me demanding a safer place to sleep as he was under terrorists’ escort and can be their target in any moment, Said Mr.Hirsi.

The General accused of the Somaliland president that his work is limited only to run his presidential palace and sign documents that brought to him by terrorists that willing to release their fellow prisoners without his awareness which is proved how is he naive when it comes to tackling with the terrorist activities inside his cabinet and the country at large.

” When I have asked the president Silanyo the reason behind the release of the terrorist men; he said in response,’God forbid I don’t aware of them,” Said Mr. Hirsi.The official reiterated that members of the Silanyo cabinet have already imprisoned for charges of terrorism activities and that is evidence of how the extremists hijacked the Somaliland administration.