Al-shabaab fighters on the run in Hiiraan region says the army * somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Al-shabaab fighters on the run in Hiiraan region says the army

Somalia army  along with Amisom are advancing slowly into what remain to be al-shabaab  controled villages in Hiraan region.  Among the liberated are Luuq Jelow, Baar and as well other village .The Militia has  been in full control in these villages  since Islamic court left the Somalia.

The has been no engagement with shabaab  is reported they  are said to have left  the area soon before the army arrive,without warfare

Al Shabaab militants did not comment on the loss of these villages. However, an elder who request his name to be with held confirm to mareeg that Somali army backed by Amison occupy those villages near Beledweyne.


In the past few month, Somali and AMISOM troops have been advancing on areas under the control of Al Shabaab in Hiireen region of central Somalia.


Al-Shabaab (Youth Movement) was a branch of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), who has broken into a few smaller functions. Al-shabaab has came out stronger of the groups. They engaging war against Somali federal government and African union peace keepers in Somalia. They claim to represent pure Islam and align with Al-Qaida

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