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Al Shabaab claims killing Somali MP in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU, Somalia – The al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group has claimed the responsibility for the killing of Somali MP Osman Elmi Boqore in the capital of Mogadishu.

Boqore, who was regarded as the oldest legislator in the national parliament was killed by gunmen near his home at Sanca neighborhood in the capital, a witness said.

He says the killers escaped in a car after the shooting.

The al Qaeda inspire group Al Shabaab says it had carried out the assassination.

The group also carried out a string of attacks against the government.

Somali police says two suspects had been arrested for Boqore’s killing.

The al Shabaab fighters fled their fixed positions they once held in Mogadishu in 2011, and have since lost many of their strongholds.

But the group still retains control of large rural swathes of the country, and continue to wage a guerrilla war against the authorities.

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