Al-Qaeda affiliated militants in Somalia cuts hands of 2 people for robbery

MOGADISHU, Somalia Thursday, Mareeg media

Reports from Bakol region says that Somali-based Islamist group al-Shabaab  cuts hands of two people in Tiyeloglow district in Somalia’s southwest province of Bakol on Thursday.

The two were accused to have robbed  a shop in the town with at least 11 millions of Somali shillings (478 US dollars).

The two men were identified as Adan Mohamed Nor, 42 and Isak Adan Hassan, 24.

Madey Hasanow, a resident in the town told Mareeg media on Thursday over the phone interview said that the militants  Bay and Bakol operative court were convicted two allegedly men after al-Shabaab claimed that the two men were plead guilty befe the conviction.

He said al-Shabaab informed the people of Tiyeglow to participate the cutting hand incident which took place in front more than hundred people.

Somali insurgent group al-Shabaab, who claimed responsibility deadly attacks in Somalia and some East African countries including Neighboring Djibouti and Kenya and Uganda as well in recent years.

The group took control the town of Tiyeglow earlier this year after Somali government forces and Ethiopian forces under African Union mission in Somalia AMISOM pullout the town.

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The author is a senior freelance journalist based Somali capital Mogadishu