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Akere Muna consolidates his position in the East and the North of Cameroon

YAOUNDE, Cameroon, February 16, 2018–After being reached out to by thousands of supporters who form the NOW movement , Chairman Akere Muna has come forward. He chose to spend a week meeting with the movement’s leaders and campaigners located in the East, Adamaoua, North and Far North regions.

He decided to make this trip by road in order to fully appreciate the challenges that lie before him in these rich regions whose potential has been underused.

He celebrated National Youth Day with the young leaders of the town of Bertoua. His visit to this region also notably included a meeting with a political ally, Ruben Jaoro’s National Party of Cameroonian Patriots, which has joined the platform for the new republic.

In the town of N’gaoundéré, the second port of call on his trip, the Chairman met with young students from the University of N’gaoundéré who are part of NOW groups. On the back of this meeting, several negotiations with influential political actors and civil society leaders were successfully concluded.

The North region was not left out. NOW groups organised themselves to welcome their leader in the town of Garoua. Very important political meetings with key political actors enabled him to advance his position on this terrain which has been divided by the forces of the regime.

The tour reached its high point in the town of Maroua. In this region, the NOW movement is advancing at lightning speed. After meeting with several NOW groups and women’s networks, Akere Muna developed his political contacts with some of the region’s major figures.

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