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Airstrike against the armed forces of Galmudug State of Somalia apology is due

Press-Yesterday morning (28/09/2016), the US forces conducted an air strike against a unit of Darawish forces of Galmudug State of Somalia. The strike hit a camp in eastern Galkayo, killing 13 soldiers and seven others sustained injuries. One soldier is missing.The strike has also caused the destruction of two battle-wagons belonging to Galmudug forces.

The administration of Galmudug State of Somalia is very disappointed that the US Pentagon has used an excessive force against Galmudug forces with misinformation from another regional state in Somalia. We suspect that Puntland State of Somalia provided wrong information deliberately with its own interest to secure the attack. We believe that such behavior will not serve the positive spirit and energy of fighting terrorism.

Galmudug State is determined in the fight against terror, a proof record of bravery victory against the terrorists of Al Shabab early this year. Among the soldiers killed by the US air strike include the heroes of Galmudug regionar army, that fought the war against Al Shabab.

We believe that the misinformation provided to the US forces aimed to create hostility that can undermine the relationship between the two states. This will also has a repercussion in the fight against terrorism, and will cause the attention of the terror war to be forgotten and turn to political rivalry.

Galmudug is not ready to fall in that trap, and its and will remain determined to continue the fighting against terrorism. The administration has established security institutions in charge of the war against terror. Our security apparatus do also have a good cooperation with the federal government. None of our security services (State and national level) were informed about the attack.

The administration of Galmudug State would like to remind the international community the sensitivity of Galkayo issues, therefore we are not satisfied with the preliminary response from USA regarding the airt strike against our forces.
We kindly call upon the US government to carry out further investigation into this matter. Galmudug is ready to fully cooperate in the investigation.

Somalia is at a critical moment, and we would not like to tolerate any act that is aimed to undermine the planned historic national elections. The fear we have is that such actions can benefit the terrorists who want to disrupt the elections.
In this critical time, the only option we have is to cooperate and not inciting violence and hostility.

Galmudug State is hereby asking for an apology and compensation due to this air strike.

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