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Ahmed Madobe’s militia invade Baladxawo and battle with gov’t troops

Mareeg.com-According to news reports from Baladxawo, a town in Gedo region indicates that an intense confrontation occurred between military soldiers from the Somali National Army backed by Ahlusunna Waljamaaca forces and troops from the Interim Jubba Administration, unclear whether it’s Ras Kamboni.

The battle erupted at around noon near a checkpoint in the northern neighborhood of Baladxawo. The town under the control of the Somali Federal Government and Ahlusunna Waljamaaca, was invaded by a fleet of fighters that take direct orders from the Interim Jubba Administration leader Ahmed Madobe.

At least 10 fighters were killed in the clashes and another 20 rumored to have sustained severe injuries. Witnesses described they heard extreme exchange of gunfire rumored to have been fired from automatic assault rifles of AK-47s.

Most of the neighborhoods in Baladxawo have been seized by the remainder of the Interim Jubba Administration troops after allegedly receiving specific commands from Ahmed Madobe.

The Governor of Gedo regional administration Mohamed Abdi Kalil  is reported to be said that the attack was sudden with no indications of Interim Jubba Administration wanting to have a military presence, but that they instead attacked with full force on co-allied Ahljusunna Waljamaaca forces and government soldiers in the town.

Mohamed Hussein Al-Qaadi, a senior Ahlusunna Waljamaaca official claimed that the instructions for Ahmed Madobe’s forces to invade Baladxawo were given from the Prime Minister of the Somali Federal Republic’s office, Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed.

Nonetheless, Mr. Kalil publicized that the Somali government troop will eradicate Madobe’s armed militia from all areas in the Gedo region, including Baladxawo

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